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mass shooting at conn elementry school


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My cousin who is a pediatric ICU nurse posted this today in response to the school shooting. I find it comforting.

The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God. ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

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I'm sure we've all racked our brains trying to think of ways to prevent this from happening again. I've come up with several but discarded all for having major flaws or weaknesses. We have to change the attitude and values of this country, probably the most impossible of all ideas.

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My thoughts as I've already posted on another site....

The media coverage has turned a tradgedy into an entertainment event.

They don't have anything to report so they just make stuff up. This psychiatrists, (Who know nothing but will try to give you an insight). The retired cops, who give you they're take on what is "Probably" going on. Reporters, who instead of reporting the facts, report on the "Images" they have of the scene, but haven't actually been there. Is it really reporting when the "NEWS" is somebodies feelings, hunches, images, the reporters personal thoughts, as well as hired "Analyasts" (AKA Talking heads.).The poor chief of police, at every report, is hounded by media like a bunch of hungry sharks. Very dissapointing.

And the parents of the surviving children letting their kids go on national news for an interview, to make sure they get their 15 minutes.

And this will reporting on nothing will continue until the next news event, which will push this one to the back of the burner. and then we get to hear the same old tired crap over again.

And of course we get the Bob Costa's, Leslie Stahl's, and the rest of the world, talking about "It's about time we had a serious discussion in this country over Gun control". Give me a freakn' break. CT. has some of the most draconian gun laws in this country. Helped a whole bunch didn't it. Maybe if those teachers would have been armed there might have been a different outcome and maybe not. No one knows what goes through the mind of a mad man.

My only true regret is the asshole died, thus denying us the chance to slowly torture him to death over about a 3 month period. But we don't have the guts as a society to even follow through with that. Just look at the asshole in Fort Hood who's been sitting in jail cell and no trial for going on 3 years, because we might damage his human rights by forcing him to shave. The Asshole kills 13, wounds 31 and we're worried about HIS human rights. Really? I mean Really?

This country is in real trouble and it's not because of your NRA members, but rather your strip your personal rights left wingers.

So on with the hand wringing, Geraldos imagined "Images", the "Time for a serious discussion", until the next hurricane, shooting, oil field blow out, will capture all the no nothing talking heads for another few days. 

What has been the result so far???

Went to Academy last night..

Not a single bullet on the shelf, except for a few wierdo calibers or exoctics. I'm talking not even a 30-06 round. Not an AR on the shelf. And people lined up 3 deep buying what was left.

Joe Biden has been appointed the presidents "Point Man" on this "Pressing Issue"..

Those who enjoy the freedoms of the 2nd amendment, get ready for a long, grueling fight.


Proud NRA member.

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