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End of the shuttle program.


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I'm a space kid, I remember watching TV during the daytime when Glenn orbited earth, I was 6. But my Dad was home, an unheard of thing during the datime. I remember TVs in the classroom for most NASA missions, back when projector film strips were cutting edge.

Also remember sitting in my Grandparents living room and watching entralled the coverage of the first lunar landing. I watch the Apollo mission through Middle and High School with great interest.

I can tell you what I was doing when both shuttle accidents ocurred.

However, I think until the US economy is firmly back on its feet NASA needs to stay with modest goals and cost.

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I actually live about 5 miles from NASA in Houston..Closest figures we will lose about 5k jobs in my area. It's not only NASA, But all the subs, like Boeing, Hamilton Sustrand, Raytheon, etc...We've always had a space program, and with a new mission or goal, to replace the previous one. Now we have to rely on the Russians to get our astronauts to the space station... :o

Just another 1st for the country and this administration.. :-[

What's next??? A stock market in the tank, along with Job growth, the housing market, manufacturing?? Surely not... ;D

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